Another Healing

Another Healing

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weird Rain

I just had the strangest experience.  I'm sitting next to my open window early on a hot, steamy, absolutely still morning, and I hear a strange, rushing sound outside, almost like a car in the distance on the road behind me.  I look over my shoulder to see what kind of vehicle is making a noise like that, and I see a wall of rain coming across my lawn.  What I'd heard was the leading edge of a downpour hitting the leaves of trees across the road.  I just sat and watched it pour for about thirty seconds, and now it's stopped completely.  Rather bizarre, but then it's Vermont, and you just never know around here.

My daughter's boyfriend saw a moose cross the road just before our house two  nights ago.  I wish I'd seen it.

Anyway -- quick writing update.  I've finished and submitted my offering for this year's Charity Sip, but I won't hear for a while if it's been accepted.  I've finished the first round of edits for Notice.  And I decided to challenge myself a little and try a steampunk story for a new anthology coming out this fall called Shifting Steam.  I haven't written anything that I actually had to do research for since I finished grad school!  Surprisingly, the whole process was a lot of fun, and my story ended up being almost 10,000 words, which is the upper limit cut off.  I have no idea how the final copy will turn out, but I figure it's important to keep pushing myself as a writer, and how could I not try a story set in the past, with shape-shifters, and technology gone wrong, and gay guys in love?  It's taking a rest now while my trusty writer's group has at it.

Stay dry!

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