Another Healing

Another Healing

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I've been so excited about Notice's release that it was suddenly like, oh, where did Irene come from?  And yeah, she's aiming for us.  Huh.  (No, I have not been partying straight for three days.)

It won't be a direct hit up here in Vermont, but it doesn't to be to cause a lot of problems.  I live on a dead end narrow dirt road that winds up a valley with steep hills on three sides.  There's a brook that runs down the middle of the valley, and the road plays tag with it for a mile.  When the road was built many years ago, the brook was forced to go through culverts in four places.  The problem is that when we get a lot of rain, the brook happily jumps back into its old bed, which is now right down the middle of the road.  And since the road is a dead end, we were cut off about a week once a few years ago after a bad storm.  With all the wind that's forecast, we will probably lose power, and with no way to get repair trucks up with no road...  So today is stock up day, and move the patio furniture inside, put the canoe in the garage, and all kinds of other stuff. 

But talking about flooding is a nice lead in to my next story, my Charity Sip called "My Boyfriend has a Scar," which will be released on September 17.  It is, in fact, about a flood on a dirt road that winds up a valley...  Sound familiar?  I may be out in the storm tomorrow taking photos for an author-extra on release day.

I hope everybody in Irene's path is safe.

And if I disappear for a while, you'll all know why.  (No, I'm not going back to partying.  Which I haven't been doing.)

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