Another Healing

Another Healing

Monday, September 12, 2011

Teammates by M. Durango: a Review by M. Raiya

Teammates by M. Durango
Review by M. Raiya 
This story draws the reader in with that universally dreaded moment when you put your key in the ignition, turn it over, and nothing happens. For Cory, this is really not good -- he's about to leave college for winter break, his dorm will soon be locked up, home is three hours away, and he knows nothing about cars. He is stranded and alone.
Rescue comes in the form of Jeff, Cory's old crush from high school. Jeff was the star of the basketball team and hung out with the homophobic bullies who'd made Cory's life miserable. Cory always assumed Jeff was quite straight. In other words, completely unattainable. But Jeff gives Cory a ride home, little realizing that within a few days, he's going to need a rescue, himself. As the tale unfolds, the two young men realize they have way more in common than they'd ever guessed.
I really like how this story shows both sides of the bullying issue. Bullying hurts everyone involved, not just the victim. This tale of awakening self-awareness, and passion, rides on strong dialogue and sympathetic characters. It's a great example of how people grow and change over time, and shows that life does, indeed, get better.

Author Biography:
"M. Durango ~ Mar to her friends ~ has been writing on and off since her first foray into fanfic at the age of 8. Sometime in 2003, she discovered m/m romance and was hooked. Finally figuring out what she wanted to do with her life at the early age of 34, she quit her corporate job, bought a bunch of writing books, and set out to learn how to create characters, dialog, and actual plots.
Mar grew up in New Jersey and has lived in the Pacific Northwest since the mid-90s with her scientist hubby and incredibly loud cat."

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