Another Healing

Another Healing

Thursday, October 13, 2011

LIp Dub 10,000 Hits!

Last winter, the school where I tutor made a Lip Dub. If you've never heard of one, don't worry. I hadn't either, until I was in one. Basically, a whole bunch of us faculty and kids showed up on a very snowy Sunday afternoon and spent three hours taking turns walking around the building backwards, lip syncing to a song played over the PA. It had to be shot in one continuous take with no rehearsing or editing except to dub in the song afterwards.We got it perfect in six takes.

Today, it got its 10,000th hit on YouTube!

Check it out, send it on its way to 20,000, and see the beautiful place where I work. I hear so many authors complain about their day jobs, but look at what I get to do! And yes, there might just be a tiny glimpse of the famous author herself in the background...

Here's the link to the Lip Dub:

And here's the link to the Making of the Lip Dub, which is pretty cool, too:

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