Another Healing

Another Healing

Saturday, January 14, 2012


A Blue Jay under my feeders this morning

We got some fresh snow yesterday and last night, about six or seven inches. One of our biggest snowfalls so far this year, and in the middle of January, that's saying a lot. An unusual year, but then, in Vermont, the usual weather is unusual. It was enough to make my drive home from school yesterday a bit slippy, especially in the untreated lot at my daughter's high school where the hockey team could have happily practiced (not that I'm complaining or anything!) It's bringing the birds into my feeders which have been lonely this season. Shoveling is good exercise, I tell myself.

I feel like all my posts have been about the weather lately, but I am writing, honestly. I'm in the middle of three projects, which seems to be my pattern lately. This turns into a bunch of releases all at once, which keeps me so busy that I can't write anything new, and then I have a writing period with no releases. When I'm in the middle of a release cycle, I sputter that I don't have any time to write, and when I'm writing, I sputter that everybody is going to give up on me and forget who I am. Then I remind myself that The Dragon and the Mistletoe was released just a month ago, and it's getting lovely reviews, so I don't have anything to sputter about. (I really like that story, too.)

My projects -- another dragon story (I mean, we really can't have a proposal without a wedding, can we?) a unicorn story to spice things up a little, and the end is in sight for my next novel, Another Healing, which I'm taking slowly but steadily.

It's winter, but I'm carrying on.

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