Another Healing

Another Healing

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Release Day

And it's out! The Sky is Full of Wings!


And I just got back from three days of camping in a tent in a campground with the nastiest bathroom I've ever seen in my life and I'm deathly sick and it's over ninety degrees and tomorrow I will celebrate this release. Tonight I am just going to be VERY glad that I'm home.

But thank you everyone who has helped make this release so amazing -- for all who read and/or commented on my LJ hosting over the weekend, and all who watched the trailer, and everyone who helped me publish this story, and I so hope that everybody enjoys it, and I really need to go to sleep now.



    Sorry you aren't feeling well. I just finished "Sky Full of Wings" and I loved it. I hope there is more. I really want to see how Josh and Varian grow as partners and parents and see how Huntington continues to grow!
    Good work and feel better soon.

  2. Oh, thank you so much! I'm honored that you read it so quickly, and enjoyed it! Don't worry -- there will be more Josh and Varian coming up. Just not sure what form yet. I've got some ideas, maybe another novel's worth, maybe shorter.

    And I am feeling much better this morning, thank you. Just having a real bed and knowing I'll never have to see that bathroom again worked wonders!