Another Healing

Another Healing

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Solstice and Provincetown

I think it's appropriate that A Sky Full of Wings was, by chance, released on the Summer Solstice. I'm very tuned into these patterns of change in my world, and it just feels right somehow that Varian and Josh's wedding leaves the depths of my computer and flies into the world on the day the planet is closest to the sun.

Both my children were born on full moons. The oldest was born one day early, and my youngest was born nine days late, just so they both hit the full moon, I'm quite certain. I'm just weird that way, I guess.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better than yesterday, thanks to a real bed and a clean bathroom.

We spent the most interesting part of our trip out on Cape Cod, where I had an amazing time walking around Provincetown for the first time in my life and enjoying the gay community. Now, on the dead end dirt road where I live in northern Vermont, there are twelve houses, and three of them are owned by same-sex couples. After all, Vermont was the first state to recognize civil unions and gay marriage followed soon after. But I gotta say, the mood in Provincetown was a little different than here at home, and I was only there in the morning. I'm told that nighttime is even more... more.

I couldn't help but picture Varian and Josh walking around Provincetown, sauntering up the docks, and sitting on the beach, and browsing the stores. Yes, I went into one of those stores, and did a quick look around, and left. Much the way Varian probably would have. After all, he's not a prude, just... quiet. Josh, on the other hand, would have declared, "Oh my God, look at THAT!" and headed right for whatever had caught his eye. Then he would have turned to the clerk and said, "Not that we need any of this, mind you, my  husband is utterly amazing." But then he might have turned back and said, "Um, on the other hand, this could be interesting..."

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