Another Healing

Another Healing

Monday, December 3, 2012

Night of Ceremony is accepted!

Very excited -- this morning I signed a contract with Torquere Press for my next novella, Night of Ceremony, to be published. This is the next in the Varian and Josh saga. It starts soon after A Sky Full of Wings ends.

The guys are married, they have a baby, they have a real Old One and his partner as their friends, and man, do they have problems!

I wrote this story last summer. I was having kind of a rough time with health issues and family stress, and even though I had some other writing projects in mind, I realized that I needed to write this story, then. Comfort writing, like macaroni and cheese. Comfortable, familiar characters. Friends.

Two surgeries later, I'm okay, and the book is going to be published. Along with my "real" family and friends, I credit Varian and Josh for getting me through some tough stuff.

Did I do some revisions while on Morphine? That, I'm going to leave for you readers to decide.

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