Another Healing

Another Healing

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cold, Cold, Cold

This is what happens to waterfalls when the temperature drops to the teens below zero for days on end. They freeze in midmotion, creating beautiful ice sculptures of frozen water.

I bundled up and took a walk this afternoon. It seemed good  to be outside for fun, as opposed to the mad dashes from car to buildings I've been doing all week. The day I bought groceries, I seriously considered abandoning them in the cart, it was so painful to put them into the back of my car. But winter is part of Vermont, and one deals with it. The days are getting longer, and when I turned my face to the sun, I could feel just a little bit of warmth. It was good.

Inside, I've been putting the final touches on Silver Pearl and making a video trailer for Night of Ceremony. I want to make one for Silver Pearl as well. I'm also in the middle of two other writing projects... Sigh.

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