Another Healing

Another Healing

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Darn Car

I don't normally complain about things too much (I hope) but my car has been driving (ha!) me nuts for the last couple weeks. First I lost the heat when it was like fifteen below zero and I had a wild trip home in a snowstorm with my windshield freezing up. It turned out that I was leaking radiator fluid from some little thing that sits near the radiator. Apparently when there is not enough fluid in your radiator, your heater does not work. (Who knew?) After several days of constantly adding more fluid and cleaning up my garage floor, I got it fixed yesterday after the part arrived at our local garage. I thought I was all set when I went to pick up my car last night, but the driver's door was frozen shut. I pulled it open and hopped in, only to find that my door wouldn't stay shut after I closed it. No amount of banging, poking, and swearing would get it to stay closed.

So I had to drive home, holding it shut, which was frustrating, cold, and probably dangerous, especially because I couldn't get the dome light to go off. Fortunately it was only less than a mile on a back road, but still! My husband thought that maybe it would work when it  warmed up. We went downstairs several times throughout the evening, but no luck. So, for the third time, we went into carpool mode, which involves getting up forty-five minutes earlier, rearranging after school plans, and a whole lot of more frustration.

But when I went downstairs this morning, prepared to drive back to the garage holding my door shut, the door opened and closed perfectly. Both my husband and I stood there and opened and closed it for a while, just kind of marveling at it. Then we headed off to work, separately. Sigh. It was kind of nice carpooling.

But it's good to have my car again, with heat and no puddle.

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