Another Healing

Another Healing

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I was driving up our road today when I saw something surface in a break in the ice on a beaver pond that was definitely not a beaver. I walked back with my camera, and after waiting very patiently for a long time, I got these shots of a lovely otter. This is the best look I've ever gotten of this shy, illusive creature.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Silver Pearl is Well Launched

Wow, what an experience! Guest Blogging was so much fun. I got many lovely comments and entries in the give-a-way, and many, many blog hits. It was just so cool to come home from work every day and see such positive feedback for my writing all over the place. Thank you so much, everyone, for supporting me and the blog sites and my publisher and m/m fiction and unicorns!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Silver Pearl Blog Tour

I'm on a Silver Pearl Blog Tour this week! Here are my stops:

March 18 – Babes in Boyland Click Here
March 19 – Chaos in the Moonlight Click Here
(an interview)
March 20 – Pants Off Reviews Click Here
March 21 – Joyfully Jay Click Here
March 22 – The Armchair Reader Click Here

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Leave a comment with your email address here between March 18 and March 22 and you'll be entered into a drawing for a free copy of Silver Pearl from Less Than Three Press. Tell me what you're thinking! Ask me anything! I'll announce the winner on Saturday, March 23.

Here is Silver Pearl's official blurb:

Standing in a meadow late at night, not really certain why, Joel is shocked when he encounters a unicorn—one that turns into a beautiful young man. Joel aches to be closer to the unicorn, but everyone knows unicorns only approach virgins. After a brutal attack that left him broken and afraid, Joel is no longer that. 

Then hunters appear, determined to take down the unicorn, and Joel will have to overcome the horrors of his past in order to save his chance at a future. 

Here is the excerpt:

Moonlight lay silver over the meadow, catching beads of dew in sparkles like tiny stars balanced on each blade of grass, except where the shadows of trees made soft patches of shade. A barred owl soared down from a tamarack tree, a silent glide low over the grass, and then stroked the luminous air to vanish into a fir tree.

The young man standing in the shadows followed the owl’s flight with his eyes. Otherwise he stood as motionless as the barely breathing trees, a silent sentinel, nude but for a quilt around his shoulders. Waiting. Nervous.

Joel wasn’t even sure what he waited for. He just knew that sometime tonight, the moonlight would be answered. He swallowed hard, heart racing, hands clenched. Part of him wanted to run back home.

Perhaps he was finally going crazy. There was no logic in hiking up to this clearing behind his house, naked, in the middle of the night, wrapped only in a quilt. Just an urge to do it, and a feeling that at last, finally, everything that had made him different, set him apart, would be explained. Tonight was the night he’d been waiting for. And fearing. Something would happen. He wasn’t sure—

Warm breath caressed his shoulder. He was no longer alone.

Do not move.

The words were in his mind, clear, forceful, not to be disobeyed. Terror filled him, the familiar terror, far too ingrained to be ignored. Invaded! His mind this time, not only his body!

Oh, God, why had he come here? Why hadn’t he run? He wanted to be left alone; he was all right when he was alone, safe, alone—he whirled around, bringing one arm up to shield his face, clutching the quilt closer with the other.

A unicorn stood behind him.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's Silver Pearl week!

All kinds of exciting stuff going on! I'm on a Guest Blog Tour, stopping in a new place every day, tomorrow through Friday. Check back here on my blog after midnight tonight for a list of where I'll be and when!

AND if you leave a comment on my guest blog post, you'll be entered into a drawing for a free copy of Silver Pearl. The drawing will be on Saturday the 23rd.

Silver Pearl itself will be released on Wednesday, which is also the first day of spring! What a perfect way to celebrate! One of the characters, Laburne, would be especially appreciative of that fact. He is very attuned to to things like the vernal equinox, believe me.

Have a wonderful week, everybody!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Coming up...

I'm writing posts for my upcoming Silver Pearl Guest Blog Tour, the week of March 17. Does anybody have any ideas for me for me to blog about? Deep, dark secrets you've always wanted to know? I'm open to questions.

Friday, March 1, 2013


It's Silver Pearl month!

I'm very excited -- I haven't had a new release since Slow Awakening, my Charity Sip, came out last September. Well, The Dragon and his Knight came out in December, but that was a re-release of an older story. Which was cool in its own way.

Silver Pearl is a brand new novella. I changed gears a little bit from dragon shifters to unicorn shifters. When I first got the idea, I asked a friend if she'd ever heard of a story about m/m unicorn shifters before. She didn't think it had been done because of the whole virginity thing. Well, that solidified my idea. The whole virginity thing is certainly addressed in my story! Believe me.

So get ready for Silver Pearl on March 20 from Less Than Three Press. I'm working on a book trailer with all my own photographs the way I did for for Sky Full of Wings. It's going to be amazing. Watch for it when we get closer!

Here's that pretty cover again, just because I like it so much: