Another Healing

Another Healing

Friday, March 1, 2013


It's Silver Pearl month!

I'm very excited -- I haven't had a new release since Slow Awakening, my Charity Sip, came out last September. Well, The Dragon and his Knight came out in December, but that was a re-release of an older story. Which was cool in its own way.

Silver Pearl is a brand new novella. I changed gears a little bit from dragon shifters to unicorn shifters. When I first got the idea, I asked a friend if she'd ever heard of a story about m/m unicorn shifters before. She didn't think it had been done because of the whole virginity thing. Well, that solidified my idea. The whole virginity thing is certainly addressed in my story! Believe me.

So get ready for Silver Pearl on March 20 from Less Than Three Press. I'm working on a book trailer with all my own photographs the way I did for for Sky Full of Wings. It's going to be amazing. Watch for it when we get closer!

Here's that pretty cover again, just because I like it so much:

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