Another Healing

Another Healing

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Charity Sip Accepted!

Very pleased. My short story, Final Awakening, has just been accepted by Torquere Press for this year's Charity Sip Blitz. This story is a sequel to my last year's story, Slow Awakening. That was the story about the king and the ambassador and the fantastic night they had in the caves... This is the story of what happens when the king goes to visit the ambassador in the ambassador's homeland.

This year's theme is uniforms, and the story will be coming out in September, I believe. Much more on it later, I'm sure!

On other fronts: Haunted Halls, my ghost story novella, is in the hands on my writer's group as of Sunday. My novel, Another Healing, is getting closer, closer to being ready to submit -- I'm at the tweaking and polishing stage, finally. I will be SO HAPPY when this novel is submitted! I have been writing every free minute I have, even when I'm riding in the car some of the time, believe it or not. I don't think I've ever pushed so hard for so long! But it's wonderful to be in such a creative place, instead of being under deadlines and up to my eyeballs in marketing forms. All that will come later. And I can't wait for that, too!

Did I ever say how much I LOVE writing?