Another Healing

Another Healing

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What I Write...

A review for Webs has already popped up -- yea! SOOO wonderful when someone recognizes what a writer is trying to do. Read the review HERE

And read more about Webs HERE

And if you liked Webs, you might enjoy my very first published M/M story, The Glass Man. It's also about a man who finds himself and love in the more extreme forms that passion can take.

Read more about it HERE

And Ice has got some chilly stuff in it, too. Read more about it HERE

And don't forget my Charity Sip, Final Awakening -- There's a bit of sex under pressure in there. (Or should I say, "sex while being stretched?") Buy it HERE

People comment to me that my writing seems to go in several different directions. But I don't really feel like it does. I don't write any differently when I'm writing a BDSM tale than when I'm not. I just write about characters who touch me. How they express themselves sexually is just part of who they are, and part of what I explore about them. What's right for Jared and his partners would not be right for Varian and Josh (but Justin and Wells, on the other hand... hmm...) Does that make sense?

As always, thank you all for reading! It never ceases to amaze me that people I've never met are connecting to what's inside my head. (Which is a very strange place, believe me!)

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