Another Healing

Another Healing

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Winter Solstice!

Usually to celebrate the solstice, I go for a long walk and reflect on the last time the planet was in this position, but if I tried to do that today, I'd break my neck. We are in the midst of an ice storm predicted to rival the once we had in the late nineties that crippled the state for days. I had to put spiky things on my boots to go to my bird feeders, and that was as far as I went. The trees are already coated in ice, which is breathtakingly beautiful despite its danger. How often things work that way.

I've had a rough year, especially the second half, with too much death and sadness, both expected and unexpected. I don't like change. But there have been lots of hugs and chocolate from family and friends, and that helps so much.

My writing life has been great, though. I've published four pieces -- Night of Ceremony, which is a Varian and Josh story in the Notice series, about what happens when the dragons are caught in an earthquake. Silver Pearl, my tale of a young man recovering from the violence of his past with the help of a unicorn, Finaly Awakening, which is my charity short story offering for this year. And Webs, a story about the commander of a space ship who finds out how much he enjoys not being in charge of everything once in a while. All of my stories have gotten some wonderful reviews and I couldn't be prouder of all of them.

I also had two stories accepted for next year -- Haunted Halls, which is about a freshman who falls for the college ghost, and Another Healing, a novel which has been in the works for a long, long time and I am thrilled that it will finally be published.

I have worked with some wonderful familar editors and some wonderful new ones from three different presses, and I've learned a whole lot from all of them. I've been interviewed, I've been a guest on websites, I've hosted conversations, and I've made book trailers. And being published just gets more and more awesome.

Right now, I'm working on The Dragon and the Palm Tree, which is the next in the Notice series. Guess who's going to Florida? It's going to be hot!

Have a wonderful Solstice everyone! And thanks so much for reading my stories, and my blog, and inspiring me to write more.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Quiet

I went for a walk alone this afternoon in gray, quiet falling snow. The only sound was a pair of hairy woodpeckers working the bark of a maple, high overhead. Until I heard, high above them, geese. It was a big flock, flying in a V, heading north through the falling snow. I know that they are hardy ones who have decided to stay here for the winter, and they are just moving toward the broad lake, away from smaller ponds that have now frozen in last week's below zero temperatures. It was good to see them and know that they're still here, that they think it's worth staying in Vermont through the cold and darkness.

 I feel as though I haven't seen sunlight for weeks. Winter has caught me by surprise this year. A lot has caught me by surprise.

My parents have grown old.
A teenager has died
Now two dogs I love have passed on
Winter comes unexpectedly.

I wonder if the geese, too, have been caught by surprise, if even wild things suddenly become adrift, unaware, and find themselves startled, wondering how they could possibly be where they are now.

We search for safer water.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

First Edits for Another Healing Done

Whew! Just finished a serious bit of intense rewriting and I'm feeling really good about how this novel is looking. Now it's back in the publisher's hands for the next round. I've also filled out the cover art form, as well as the marketing form. A lot is going on and I feel like sometimes just keeping my head above water is quite a feat. Dealing with lots of issues around aging relatives, at the same time I'm still very much a parent.

How do people who aren't writers cope? What do you do if you can't dive into a novel to get away from it all? I think I would go totally insane. When I tell people everything I'm dealing with, and then tell them that I'm editing a novel and a novella at the same time at night, they look at me as though I'm likely to implode. They don't see that the final straw is actually the life jacket.

I'm looking forward to being able to concentrate on The Dragon and the Palm Tree. It's going to be fun!

Saturday, December 7, 2013