Another Healing

Another Healing

Friday, February 21, 2014

Midwinter Wierdness

What do you get when you have two foot snowbanks along the roads and then it rains all day?

The roads turn into rivers. Well, the main roads, that is. The side roads become tributaries. Driving home today was a bit like white water canoeing, the rapids being the potholes. Until I turned onto our dirt road. What do you get when you put water on a snow-packed road? Ice. Hence, driving to my house was like a bobsled run. Going uphill.

("She rounds the bend, look at the height she gets on the side! Now she's straightening out, really feeling the track! It's a clean run! Her best time yet! It's a gold medal for M. Raiya!")

I mean, really! Who needs to go to Sochi when you can white water canoe and bobsled on your way home from work?

Okay, I'm losing it a little. But it's Friday and I've got a whole week and two days off from school, so I'm entitled! Plus, I've got a new story idea. I think it's going to be called Natural Instincts. Two pages into it and it's fun so far!

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