Another Healing

Another Healing

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Making of the Another Healing Book Trailer

I had a lot of fun making this trailer. But it had its challenges.

I really wanted a shot of a logging truck, but they're few and far between, even in Vermont in the winter, which is logging season. A few years ago, I could have taken all the photos I wanted while our neighbors were logging. But this year, I couldn't find a single truck. I did stop in a rest area on the nearest interstate and photograph a truck that was waiting for its driver (at least, I hope he was in the bathroom and not sitting in the cab wondering what the heck I was doing). Even though I tried to get scary shots of its undercarriage, they just came out looking like a truck parked in the snow. And since Another Healing takes place in the fall, that was just all wrong.

Then I thought about asking my long suffering husband to drive at me in the dark and I take shots of his headlights, but somehow that wasn't feeling like a good idea, either. Kind of like having my daughter throw arrows at me for the Silver Pearl trailer. Then, as we drove on down the road, the obvious finally hit me, and I started taking shots of the vehicles coming at us. My husband kept pointing out that they'd be out of focus and distorted by the windshield, but I knew that was the whole point. When you're on the road at night, that's how you see headlights. I shot for about fifteen minutes as it got darker, and then just started snapping out the windows at anything that caught my eye, like the stop lights and the sunset clouds. The times that my auto-focus focused on the windshield worked well to symbolize the accident itself.

The fire shots are from the same shooting session as the ones I use for Varian's fire in the Notice trailers. (Okay, I probably should keep different books separate, but I wrote them all and I took all the photos and I made all the trailers, so I can do what I want. Right?) I actually took the fire shots a long time ago at a bonfire at our neighbor's house. I have a lung issue so I can't get too close to smoke, so I was sitting on the porch with my camera, and before I even realized what I was doing, I started shooting the fire with my 300mm zoom. And I got some pretty cool stuff. This was long before I knew I would be making trailers for books I hadn't written yet.

The cool white thing floating on the blue background is a milkweed seed on the surface of our pool. It just grabbed my attention one day. The pink flower I took by the lake a long time ago, the storm clouds are from my front lawn, the sky and the tree with the geese in the background is down in Addison, Vermont, at a wildlife refuge, and the rose is one that somebody gave one of my daughters at some point and I thought was pretty. And I think that's it.

Writing the script was interesting because Another Healing is a hard novel to talk about without giving away too much. So I focused on the initial "problem" that the characters face and hinted at the rest. 

Here are some other photos that are connected to Another Healing. I posted them on the Dreamspinner blog the day I hosted it, but here they are again:

This is the marina on Lake Champlain that I used as a basis for the one that James and Ambient visit.

This is our trailer that is pretty much the one I described in Another Healing (except James kept his cleaner). Unfortunately, it came to a tragic end, but that sowed the seeds for the novel. We had many happy memories in it. Damn, I miss that thing!

And this is a rosebud from beside our patio just because it's pretty.

Here's a link to the trailer: HERE

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