Another Healing

Another Healing

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crazy Busy

Life just went nuts a few weeks ago, in good ways. The school year ended, we had a wedding in the family, and my husband, youngest daughter, our two cats, and I decided to move. This is not as random as it sounds. We have a beautiful family camp that has been in my family for about four generations, and it was going to be unoccupied this summer, so we have taken it over. It's amazingly beautifil, right on the shore of Lake Champlain, with a view streatches across three miles of open water to the Champlain Islands and the Adirondack Mountains of New York. We're on top of a thirty foot dolomite cliff where thunderstorms slam into us with a vengence, and it's wild and woodsey. There is a pair of Peregrin Falcons nesting on the cliff nearby -- I see them flying by our two huge picture windows all day and their calls fill the air. 

But camp has some drawbacks -- no internet, no TV reception, no drinking water, an iffy septic system, tiny bedrooms, steep stairs, no insulation so it's damn cold in the morning, and more spiders and ants than I knew existed. It took us a week to get it cleaned up and settled, and we're still not quite there, but I'm getting things under control. I keep thinking that I can kick back and refocus and get to writing, but then things happen like one cat gets an inflamed hip and I get bittten by a tick. But anyway, I'm still here (runnng off my phone's hot spot setting). Hopefully this will post! I will get some photos up soon.

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