Another Healing

Another Healing

Thursday, September 4, 2014


We moved back home this past weekend to a house infested with mice and a pool full of algae. Not sure how any of that happened, since all was fine the week before, but it's been a nightmare. Finally able to swim again, but my eyes are burning from the strong chlorine every time. Too used to the nice clean lake. Six mice have met their demise (two to cat, four to traps) but I know there is at least one still in the house because it chased me the length of the kitchen this morning with two cats behind it. Yes, I screamed and it disappeared under the refrigerator.

Good news -- Haunted Halls is going to be translated into French and Spanish! How cool is that? I took both those languages in high school and college, but I doubt I'll be able to read a word. Very excited to see what it looks like, though.

School is exhausting and hot.

But I was greeted with a brilliant Orion in the east this morning when I woke. I love that constellation and it's like seeing an old friend... Fall is coming.

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