Another Healing

Another Healing

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Natural Instincts On the Clock!

Just heard that Natural Instincts is officially off to the editor.  This means that soon I will be hard at work on it again, I'm sure. I got all the marketing and cover designing work done this past summer. Can't wait to see the cover! The release date has not been set yet, but it will probably be in December.

And I'm working hard on my new novel, Jai. I reached the half way point just as school started, and then I got swamped with real life stuff and progress has slowed. This time of year has a lot of getting ready for winter stuff to do, and the foliage is so darn pretty out there... Sigh.

But I have started working on the next story in the Notice Series in the little notebook I carry around at school all day with me. (Don't tell!) It's going really well. It's going to be called Josh and the Baby Dragon, I think. These characters bring me a lot of comfort when things get rough.

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