Another Healing

Another Healing

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Natural Instincts Getting Closer!

Okay, I've been able to focus on writing again during the last week, which is wonderful. A quick update: Natural Instincts, a novella, will be coming out in January! It is all edited and revised and off to production. I have signed up to do a Dreamspinner Blog release party and a Twitter Takeover to celebrate the event. There will be much more about that coming soon, including the cover release. And I am working on a book trailer.

I am also back at work on my next novel, Jai. I wrote the first half of it at camp this summer, and I'd plan to finish it this fall, but family events got in the way. This week I read through my draft and am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work, which is what I'm going to do tonight as soon as I finish this post. I'm looking forward to having Thanksgiving week off and getting a lot done then. Jai is a character who has had hold of me for a long time and it feels really good to get his story told.

And in the little notebook I carry around with me wherever I go, I'm working on Josh and the Baby Dragon. Guess what that's about?


  1. Awesome sauce! Congrats on signing another book with Dreamspinner. Good luck with the WIP =)

    1. Thanks, H.B. I'm feeling like, here I go again!