Another Healing

Another Healing

Monday, December 8, 2014

Pre-order Natural Instincts and Trailer

Okay, Natural Instincts is now up on the coming soon page at Dreamspinner Press, and is available for pre-ordering! Click HERE for more information. It will be available on January 7th.

And, HERE is the link to the book trailer I've been sweating over for the last few weeks. I mean, the link to the trailer I thoroughly enjoyed making! (I really did!) I hope everyone enjoys it, too. I'll do a "making of" post shortly.

I've got all kinds of release events planned. I'll be hosting the Dreamspinner Blog and doing a Twitter Takeover. And I'm writing two short stories based on prompt words I received last week. The stories will be posted on the Dreamspinner blog a few days after the lucky winners received their copies. I'm having a lot of fun writing them.

I'm really excited about Natural Instincts. It's my first release since Haunted Halls and Another Healing last spring. It was a fun story to write. The main character's voice came to me very easily and quickly, and I found myself in his head quite effortlessly. I especially love his sense of humor. No idea where Kyle got it from, since I, of course, have absolutely none. Ha! And don't get me started about loons. I LOVE loons. They haunted me last summer while I was working on this story. It was amazing. Of course, it helped that I lived on a lake, but... It's a kind of everything story. It's set in a campground in northern Vermont (if you're ever expecting a story from me set in a big city, forget it. Not happening.) And it's got a canoe. And just maybe a tad of BDSM. (And what may be a first in the genre -- BDSM in a tent? Not sure if it's a first or not, but you can make up your own minds about how hot it can be inside a cosy tent at night with two strong young men who are not intent on sleeping! Ha -- pun intended!)

Anyway, Natural Instincts is on the way. As always when a release is in sight, I'm excited, nervous, scared, thrilled, and very happy.

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