Another Healing

Another Healing

Friday, October 23, 2015

Writing Update

Some Bittersweet along our road

It's been a lovely fall here in Vermont, and I've been out enjoying it as much as possible. When I haven't been  gazing at the leaves and migrating geese, I've been writing, writing, writing. I finally got the novel I wrote last winter revised and submitted, and now I'm waiting for word on that.This summer's project, a novel I'm calling Cricket, is in the hands of my amazing friend and editor, and she has already warned me that I have a long revision ahead of me. But for now I'm as free as I can be to dive into a new project. I have two ideas bouncing around in my head, and I'll just have to see which one decides to come out. I really enjoyed writing full time all summer. Now I'm back to evening hours. Once all those pesky getting ready for winter chores are done, I'm looking forward to long, cosy nights curled up with my laptop.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Camp From the Water

This is turning out to be the summer of kayaks. Because it's so hard to get our canoe up and down from the deck, it's been years since I've actually been able to get out on the water. A few weeks ago, we bought two inexpensive, sit-on-top  kayaks that we can get into the water with minimal stress. And suddenly, the whole lake has opened up to me again. I've never actually done much kayaking before, so it's been a learning experience. The bumps and bruises and sore arms are well worth it. I've been out a handful of times now, and I'm geting confident enough to use my phone to get a few shots. They aren't great -- my poor phone can't handle the amount of light out there. 

This is a view of the deck where I've taken so many, many shots. It looks so small from out here! And no, the water isn't really this sick looking!

This is looking at our camp from down below, zoomed in.

And this is the island from the other side. It looks so strange!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wind and Waves!

So we're over at camp and having a lovely time. I'm starting to feel settled, and I'm hard at work on a new novel called Aiming for You.

Depth of Return is still resting.

This is a video I took yesterday when the wind kicked up.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

When Fiction and Life Collide

Yesterday, I had one of those weird moments when I suddenly realized how much my characters are a part of me.

A long time ago, I wrote a story (never published) about a man who had been kidnapped as a child. At one point, he'd been tied up with a piece of green nylon rope. He was soon freed and grew up to be a very normal and successful man, but whenever he saw a piece of green nylon rope, he'd come completely unglued.

When I was writing this story, I became very sensitive to pieces of green nylon rope and couldn't believe how and where they kept turning up in my life. The freakiest was a piece in the back seat of  my own car, which literally had me screaming in the garage. (My husband had stuck it there for some dumb reason I can't remember now.)

Well, a lot has happened since I wrote that story, but yesterday, which was the last day of school (YAY!) I was cleaning our room with a colleague, and since I am tall, she asked me to pull down something green she had just noticed on top of a black cabinet (where I have kept my stuff all year, by the way.)

I reached up and pulled down a piece of green nylon rope.

I yelped and dropped it to the floor as though it had bitten me. She freaked out, thinking I thought it was a snake. It took me a moment to get my head together -- no, I had not kidnapped as a child, and I have never been tied up by a piece of green nylon rope -- but for an instant, it really felt like I had. Then I was faced with trying to explain to a non-writer what had just happened. She looked at me as though I had two heads.

I very casually threw away the piece of rope and went back to sorting out our room. But the incident really made me realize how my characters have influenced my life. And that writers have problems no one else does.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I've Been Translated!

I'm so thrilled to announce that my novella Haunted Halls has just been translated into French! I got my copy yesterday, and I can't read a word of it! I love it! I tried to post the cover with its new title, Couloirs Hantes, but I couldn't figure out how to just copy that. So here's the English cover, just because.

You can see it HERE 

It can be preordered now at the above link, and it will be available on June 10th. What a chance to brush up on that high school French! 

Happy dance!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First Swim (in pool)

The air temp is in the 70s. Not sure what the water temp is, but I'm pretty sure there was still ice in the water last week. We opened the pool this weekend (uncovered, brought the pump/filter system out of the cellar and attached it, added about a foot of cold well water, and dumped in tons of chemicals). Monday, I put my feet in and they turned the same color as the liner, but today I put my whole self in. Okay, I went down the ladder one gasp at a time, backed two steps away from it, dunked and swam one stroke right back to it, and swarmed up the ladder yelling school inappropriate things. But I got wet, and my bathing suit is hanging on the patio to prove it.

Feels so good (now that I'm warm and dry.) I love the tingling feeling you get afterwards. And the feeling of accomplishment.

Notice the lack of green leaves in the leaves beyond? Well, summers are short in Vermont. One has to take advantage of the sun.

Now for an evening of writing! I finished a very rough draft of Depth of Return last week. Now I'm revising it before sending it to my editor-in-chief, who will editor-in-chief it. Very excited about this one.

Anybody else been in swimming yet?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ice is Out!

The ice is out! Yeah! It's still very gray and cold at camp, but I would have loved to jump in anyway. Minor problem -- the stairs aren't down from the deck into the water yet, so it would have been a bit of a problem. Only one boat went by all afternoon. This is what the lake looked like before people.

I'm busy working on Depth of Return. The end is in sight!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring at Last!

At last! Today it's 73, which is warmer than it's been in the last six months. When I got home from school, I got the patio organized and cleaned, brought the cushions down from the attic, unwrapped the bushes from their burlap winter coats, cut the soap out of the shrubs (which I put there in the fall to keep the deer from eating them) cleaned out my bluebird nesting boxes (I can hope I get chosen by a pair this year) and settled down in the fresh air to write. All I can hear is the brook roaring, some redwing blackbirds down by the beaver pond, and a few chickadees who aren't too happy with me because I brought my feeders in this weekend (the bears are awake now, and as much as I love the birds, I fear the bears more).

Depth of Return is hovering around 42,000 words. I say hovering because I cut a couple thousand yesterday. My plot kind of ran away on me, or rather, I was trying to force it in a direction I thought it ought to go. But my MC gave me a very stern talking to yesterday morning while I was lying in bed not wanting to get up, and so I dutifully obeyed. Now things are going the way he wants. Well, not exactly, since he's in worse trouble now than what I'd written him into, but if he wants to suffer, that's his problem. At least I've got some scenes clear in front of me now.

I'm on school vacation all next week, so I have this image of myself finishing the book. But I've got some family stuff to do and the weather is whispering to me about getting my bike out, and damn, there are a lot of limbs down on the lawn under the trees...

But getting out from under the weight of all that snow is wonderful. I hope everyone is enjoying spring as much as I finally am!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Frozen Lake

We went over to camp to day -- sunny and in the high thirties, no wind, quiet lovely. Perfectly silent except for the faint sounds of the ice cracking and several loud booms that made me think of summer thunder, but not quite. Two people whizzed past on ice skates, going incredibly fast. It looked like such fun. The ice is clear of snow now.

And I was thrilled to hear the peregrine falcons! I caught a glimpse of one of them disappearing around the cliff to their nest site. I don't know if they've wintered here or just arrived. It must seem like a different world for them in the winter with the water frozen and their number one fan not sitting on the point or on the deck watching them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Depth of Return is Halfway There!

I just hit the halfway word count! I'm aiming for 60,000 words, and I passed 30,000 last weekend. It was going well at first, then I got hung up on some plot stuff. Last week I had dinner with my editor friend, and we talked through the second half of the book at a quiet Chinese restaurant. Now things are working again.

And what's cool is that I didn't realize how amazing that dinner was until I was thinking about it today. I mean, that's the kind of thing "real" writers do. Have dinner with editors in quiet Chinese restaurants and hash out plots.

Up until five years ago, I was still printing the first three chapters of a novel and driving it to the post office and mailing it out with a self addressed, stamped envelope and hoping desperately for six to eight months that this would be my lucky break. Then the SASE would appear in my mailbox with a rejection slip in it. Back to the post office again. This had been the story of my life for years and years. And years. I'd had a few "yeses" from small magazines, but nothing seemed to help get those novels published.

Then I looked at online publishing, and I fell head over heels into the m/m fiction world, and things have been looking up (very much up!) ever since. I've gone from not having anyone know I exist to corresponding with readers from all over the world who enjoy what I write. And, ah, getting money, too.

And having dinner with a professional editor discussing the plot of a book that's only half written.

Would I have been sitting there without putting in the years of SASEs? Absolutely not. That's how I learned to write. But it's awfully nice not to have to go to the post office with a brown envelope every eight months.

Okay, back to writing...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Camp in Winter

(A summer shot for comparison. It's a little deceptive because we cleared some of the low bushes late last summer)

We went over to camp today to check on things and take a few photos. Everything was fine. The lake is completely frozen over. While I was sitting on the couch by the window, a truck drove by, followed by a snowmobile, where boats are supposed to be! It's such a strange feeling. And it was strange to be looking at the patterns the wind has made on the snow-covered ice instead of looking at moving water. It's a whole different, beautiful world. We had to walk the last quarter of a mile in since the road isn't plowed all the way and the snow was knee deep.

I would live there all year if I could. Though I love my house in the mountains, too.

I'm on vacation all week and part of next. Going to hibernate and add some serious word count to Depth of Return. Yay!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Natural Instincts Reviews

Some nice reviews for Natural Instincts are starting to come in. HERE is one from Prism Book Alliance that I found very touching. There is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing someone "gets" what you were trying to do.

The reviewer commented on how my point of view character is mute, which is unusual and sets up a real challenge for dialogue in the book. I had attempted doing it a long time ago in a story that is buried in some filing cabinet now, and I'd always wanted to try it again. When Natural Instincts started taking shape in my head, I decided that this was the story in which to attempt it.

In a way, Natural Instincts is a rewrite of that long ago story -- it was about two guys going camping together in Canada and falling in love with each other on the trip. (I also had one of them lose a filling in his tooth and have to hunt up a dentist while on vacation. I have to say that my romance plotting has improved a bit since then. A lost filling? Really? Yuck!) But one of the guys loved to lie on a picnic table at night and gaze up at the stars.There was no loon in the story, but there was a pretty lighthouse. Anyway, that's how my mind hangs on to things and rewrites them years later with elements that probably only I would recognize. (And I just remembered -- the main character's name was Kyle! How weird is that! I swear, I only thought hard about that story just now, but clearly it was always there in my unconscious. Proof that writers are the most bizarre creatures in the universe, right?)

Monday, February 2, 2015

New Novel

No school today, and do I need a day off! Actually, I just need a day not to have to deal with bad roads. I've had my fill of them already this year, for sure. I just took a walk in the snow, listening to the quiet, and feel much replenished already. Ten inches predicted for today, and I intend to watch every inch of it fall from inside, at my computer.

I'm about 7,000 words into a new novel which I'm calling Depth of Return. It's set in the Another Healing universe, but it's about another witch/demon pairing. Only they don't know they're a pairing yet. The main character is quiet happy to be on his own, thank you very much, and the second is so new to being a demon that he doesn't know what the heck is happening to him. Having lots of fun with it so far.

Jai, not forgotten, is taking a rest for now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Mole and a Cardinal

I recorded this under my bird feeders this afternoon. While most New England is getting walloped by a blizzard, we've only gotten half an inch. And I can't say I mind a bit. Some benefits to living very far north.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Second Free Story is Out!

Want to go flying with Ambient?
Check out Flying, today on the DSP blog!



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sick, sick, sick

Well, our trip to Boston was sort of a disaster. The weather forecast was looking dire, so my husband and I headed straight home after dropping off our daughter, only to hit freezing rain in Concord, NH. It took us two and half hours to go two miles up a three lane interstate in a traffic jam, and the rain fell harder and harder. Cars off everywhere, police and ambulances everywhere, the southbound lane completely closed -- we hit the first exit we came to and checked into a hotel for the night. The roads were so scary that we didn't even dare go to store for toothbrushes.

Then we got sick. Both us us -- fever, coughing, aches, chills, nausea... just what you don't want to have happen stranded in an ice storm. We limped home the next day on roads that were better but not great, and I have been in bed drinking tea ever since, trying to relax. I don't do icy roads well.

But the family is all safe, and that is what is important.

Jai is in the hands of my editor. What should I write next? (When I'm not in danger of throwing up on the keyboard.)

Saturday, January 17, 2015


The sun rose this morning perfectly centered over the top of Mt. Mansfield. I took this from my bedroom window and I was in such a hurry to get the shot that I didn't bother to take the screen out first, which explains the reflections and things. But it's still kind of a cool photo.

Working on Jai this afternoon, doing a final read through to fix major errors before it goes to my personal and wonderful editor, who will tell me, I'm sure, that it has a million problems. I'm very anxious to get Jai finished because the seedling for my next project is taking root in my head already, which is a very nice feeling.

My second free story, Flying, will be coming out on the DSP blog soon -- I heard from the lucky winner that the advance, personal copy had been sent a few days ago.

Heading down to the Boston area tomorrow to deliver our daughter back to college. Weather permitting, we will swing by the ocean on the way home. It will make a very long day with school on Monday, but I NEED to find me a little of that wonderful sea smell. Even in January. And I wouldn't say no to spotting a loon or two in their winter habitat in the surf.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Well, Natural Instincts is well and truly launched. Thanks so much to everyone who joined in the fun yesterday at the DSP Blog and Twitter. I managed to totally mess up the Twitter by not logging in right and not realizing that I hadn't for like five minutes, and then taking another five or so to log in correctly. Still not sure what I did wrong and finally did right. I felt like I was flinging out tweets and responding to tweets left and right for forty-five minutes without taking a breath the whole time. I know I made some fascinating typos and probably babbled like an idiot. At least people know that poor Natural Instincts was written by a human. If readers expect authors to be like the characters they create, sorry to disillusion you. But it was wonderful to chat with some familiar folks and meet some new ones.

Actually, go ahead and pretend I'm really deep and intelligent like Varian or James. Or quick and clever like Josh and Ambient. My ego needs some help.

After the Twitter fiasco, I vowed I would never do that again. I vowed I would never even write another book again. But twenty-four hours later, I'm ready to take out Jai and do a little rewriting, starting the long process of turning a rough draft into something acceptable to submit.

But I am in NO rush.

And I am SO glad it's Friday and I can SLEEP tomorrow!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

DSP Blog

Release party on the Dreamspinner Press Blog today!


Pop over and say hi.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Natural Instincts is OUT!

Today's the day!

You can get your copy HERE

Watch the video trailer HERE

Come and visit with me tomorrow (Jaunary 8th) for my release party on the Dreamspinner Press Blog all day HERE
And I'll be taking over the Dreampinner Twitter tomorrow evening from 7-8 EST HERE

There will be giveaways and a chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about me, my writing, and whatever!

Goodness, this is exciting! Help me celebrate!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Free Story is Out!

I recently wrote two short stories for Dreamspinner Press based on prompt words offered by readers. The readers could select me as the author, select a pair of my Dreamspinner characters, choose a word, and be entered into a drawing to have their story written. Since I only have one Dreamspinner story at the moment, Another Healing, James and Ambient got to feature in both stories.

I don't know who my winners actually are, but I loved the words they picked. "Shining" and "Friends" both immediately sparked plot bunnies. If you see this, thank you SO much for the inspiration and the chance to write these stories. I really, really enjoyed it. And I am so honored to have had the opportunity. Thank you for choosing me.

You can read the first story on the Dreamspinner Press Blog now. The prompt word was "Shining," and the title of the story is "Pup."

Both stories take place a few months after the conclusion of Another Healing. It's now summer, and Ambient and James are well into their training as a witch/demon pair.

HERE is the link.

I'd love to know what people think of it!