Another Healing

Another Healing

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Mole and a Cardinal

I recorded this under my bird feeders this afternoon. While most New England is getting walloped by a blizzard, we've only gotten half an inch. And I can't say I mind a bit. Some benefits to living very far north.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Second Free Story is Out!

Want to go flying with Ambient?
Check out Flying, today on the DSP blog!



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sick, sick, sick

Well, our trip to Boston was sort of a disaster. The weather forecast was looking dire, so my husband and I headed straight home after dropping off our daughter, only to hit freezing rain in Concord, NH. It took us two and half hours to go two miles up a three lane interstate in a traffic jam, and the rain fell harder and harder. Cars off everywhere, police and ambulances everywhere, the southbound lane completely closed -- we hit the first exit we came to and checked into a hotel for the night. The roads were so scary that we didn't even dare go to store for toothbrushes.

Then we got sick. Both us us -- fever, coughing, aches, chills, nausea... just what you don't want to have happen stranded in an ice storm. We limped home the next day on roads that were better but not great, and I have been in bed drinking tea ever since, trying to relax. I don't do icy roads well.

But the family is all safe, and that is what is important.

Jai is in the hands of my editor. What should I write next? (When I'm not in danger of throwing up on the keyboard.)

Saturday, January 17, 2015


The sun rose this morning perfectly centered over the top of Mt. Mansfield. I took this from my bedroom window and I was in such a hurry to get the shot that I didn't bother to take the screen out first, which explains the reflections and things. But it's still kind of a cool photo.

Working on Jai this afternoon, doing a final read through to fix major errors before it goes to my personal and wonderful editor, who will tell me, I'm sure, that it has a million problems. I'm very anxious to get Jai finished because the seedling for my next project is taking root in my head already, which is a very nice feeling.

My second free story, Flying, will be coming out on the DSP blog soon -- I heard from the lucky winner that the advance, personal copy had been sent a few days ago.

Heading down to the Boston area tomorrow to deliver our daughter back to college. Weather permitting, we will swing by the ocean on the way home. It will make a very long day with school on Monday, but I NEED to find me a little of that wonderful sea smell. Even in January. And I wouldn't say no to spotting a loon or two in their winter habitat in the surf.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Well, Natural Instincts is well and truly launched. Thanks so much to everyone who joined in the fun yesterday at the DSP Blog and Twitter. I managed to totally mess up the Twitter by not logging in right and not realizing that I hadn't for like five minutes, and then taking another five or so to log in correctly. Still not sure what I did wrong and finally did right. I felt like I was flinging out tweets and responding to tweets left and right for forty-five minutes without taking a breath the whole time. I know I made some fascinating typos and probably babbled like an idiot. At least people know that poor Natural Instincts was written by a human. If readers expect authors to be like the characters they create, sorry to disillusion you. But it was wonderful to chat with some familiar folks and meet some new ones.

Actually, go ahead and pretend I'm really deep and intelligent like Varian or James. Or quick and clever like Josh and Ambient. My ego needs some help.

After the Twitter fiasco, I vowed I would never do that again. I vowed I would never even write another book again. But twenty-four hours later, I'm ready to take out Jai and do a little rewriting, starting the long process of turning a rough draft into something acceptable to submit.

But I am in NO rush.

And I am SO glad it's Friday and I can SLEEP tomorrow!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

DSP Blog

Release party on the Dreamspinner Press Blog today!


Pop over and say hi.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Natural Instincts is OUT!

Today's the day!

You can get your copy HERE

Watch the video trailer HERE

Come and visit with me tomorrow (Jaunary 8th) for my release party on the Dreamspinner Press Blog all day HERE
And I'll be taking over the Dreampinner Twitter tomorrow evening from 7-8 EST HERE

There will be giveaways and a chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about me, my writing, and whatever!

Goodness, this is exciting! Help me celebrate!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Free Story is Out!

I recently wrote two short stories for Dreamspinner Press based on prompt words offered by readers. The readers could select me as the author, select a pair of my Dreamspinner characters, choose a word, and be entered into a drawing to have their story written. Since I only have one Dreamspinner story at the moment, Another Healing, James and Ambient got to feature in both stories.

I don't know who my winners actually are, but I loved the words they picked. "Shining" and "Friends" both immediately sparked plot bunnies. If you see this, thank you SO much for the inspiration and the chance to write these stories. I really, really enjoyed it. And I am so honored to have had the opportunity. Thank you for choosing me.

You can read the first story on the Dreamspinner Press Blog now. The prompt word was "Shining," and the title of the story is "Pup."

Both stories take place a few months after the conclusion of Another Healing. It's now summer, and Ambient and James are well into their training as a witch/demon pair.

HERE is the link.

I'd love to know what people think of it!