Another Healing

Another Healing

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Camp in Winter

(A summer shot for comparison. It's a little deceptive because we cleared some of the low bushes late last summer)

We went over to camp today to check on things and take a few photos. Everything was fine. The lake is completely frozen over. While I was sitting on the couch by the window, a truck drove by, followed by a snowmobile, where boats are supposed to be! It's such a strange feeling. And it was strange to be looking at the patterns the wind has made on the snow-covered ice instead of looking at moving water. It's a whole different, beautiful world. We had to walk the last quarter of a mile in since the road isn't plowed all the way and the snow was knee deep.

I would live there all year if I could. Though I love my house in the mountains, too.

I'm on vacation all week and part of next. Going to hibernate and add some serious word count to Depth of Return. Yay!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Natural Instincts Reviews

Some nice reviews for Natural Instincts are starting to come in. HERE is one from Prism Book Alliance that I found very touching. There is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing someone "gets" what you were trying to do.

The reviewer commented on how my point of view character is mute, which is unusual and sets up a real challenge for dialogue in the book. I had attempted doing it a long time ago in a story that is buried in some filing cabinet now, and I'd always wanted to try it again. When Natural Instincts started taking shape in my head, I decided that this was the story in which to attempt it.

In a way, Natural Instincts is a rewrite of that long ago story -- it was about two guys going camping together in Canada and falling in love with each other on the trip. (I also had one of them lose a filling in his tooth and have to hunt up a dentist while on vacation. I have to say that my romance plotting has improved a bit since then. A lost filling? Really? Yuck!) But one of the guys loved to lie on a picnic table at night and gaze up at the stars.There was no loon in the story, but there was a pretty lighthouse. Anyway, that's how my mind hangs on to things and rewrites them years later with elements that probably only I would recognize. (And I just remembered -- the main character's name was Kyle! How weird is that! I swear, I only thought hard about that story just now, but clearly it was always there in my unconscious. Proof that writers are the most bizarre creatures in the universe, right?)

Monday, February 2, 2015

New Novel

No school today, and do I need a day off! Actually, I just need a day not to have to deal with bad roads. I've had my fill of them already this year, for sure. I just took a walk in the snow, listening to the quiet, and feel much replenished already. Ten inches predicted for today, and I intend to watch every inch of it fall from inside, at my computer.

I'm about 7,000 words into a new novel which I'm calling Depth of Return. It's set in the Another Healing universe, but it's about another witch/demon pairing. Only they don't know they're a pairing yet. The main character is quiet happy to be on his own, thank you very much, and the second is so new to being a demon that he doesn't know what the heck is happening to him. Having lots of fun with it so far.

Jai, not forgotten, is taking a rest for now.