Another Healing

Another Healing

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Camp in Winter

(A summer shot for comparison. It's a little deceptive because we cleared some of the low bushes late last summer)

We went over to camp today to check on things and take a few photos. Everything was fine. The lake is completely frozen over. While I was sitting on the couch by the window, a truck drove by, followed by a snowmobile, where boats are supposed to be! It's such a strange feeling. And it was strange to be looking at the patterns the wind has made on the snow-covered ice instead of looking at moving water. It's a whole different, beautiful world. We had to walk the last quarter of a mile in since the road isn't plowed all the way and the snow was knee deep.

I would live there all year if I could. Though I love my house in the mountains, too.

I'm on vacation all week and part of next. Going to hibernate and add some serious word count to Depth of Return. Yay!

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