Another Healing

Another Healing

Monday, February 2, 2015

New Novel

No school today, and do I need a day off! Actually, I just need a day not to have to deal with bad roads. I've had my fill of them already this year, for sure. I just took a walk in the snow, listening to the quiet, and feel much replenished already. Ten inches predicted for today, and I intend to watch every inch of it fall from inside, at my computer.

I'm about 7,000 words into a new novel which I'm calling Depth of Return. It's set in the Another Healing universe, but it's about another witch/demon pairing. Only they don't know they're a pairing yet. The main character is quiet happy to be on his own, thank you very much, and the second is so new to being a demon that he doesn't know what the heck is happening to him. Having lots of fun with it so far.

Jai, not forgotten, is taking a rest for now.

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