Another Healing

Another Healing

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Frozen Lake

We went over to camp to day -- sunny and in the high thirties, no wind, quiet lovely. Perfectly silent except for the faint sounds of the ice cracking and several loud booms that made me think of summer thunder, but not quite. Two people whizzed past on ice skates, going incredibly fast. It looked like such fun. The ice is clear of snow now.

And I was thrilled to hear the peregrine falcons! I caught a glimpse of one of them disappearing around the cliff to their nest site. I don't know if they've wintered here or just arrived. It must seem like a different world for them in the winter with the water frozen and their number one fan not sitting on the point or on the deck watching them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Depth of Return is Halfway There!

I just hit the halfway word count! I'm aiming for 60,000 words, and I passed 30,000 last weekend. It was going well at first, then I got hung up on some plot stuff. Last week I had dinner with my editor friend, and we talked through the second half of the book at a quiet Chinese restaurant. Now things are working again.

And what's cool is that I didn't realize how amazing that dinner was until I was thinking about it today. I mean, that's the kind of thing "real" writers do. Have dinner with editors in quiet Chinese restaurants and hash out plots.

Up until five years ago, I was still printing the first three chapters of a novel and driving it to the post office and mailing it out with a self addressed, stamped envelope and hoping desperately for six to eight months that this would be my lucky break. Then the SASE would appear in my mailbox with a rejection slip in it. Back to the post office again. This had been the story of my life for years and years. And years. I'd had a few "yeses" from small magazines, but nothing seemed to help get those novels published.

Then I looked at online publishing, and I fell head over heels into the m/m fiction world, and things have been looking up (very much up!) ever since. I've gone from not having anyone know I exist to corresponding with readers from all over the world who enjoy what I write. And, ah, getting money, too.

And having dinner with a professional editor discussing the plot of a book that's only half written.

Would I have been sitting there without putting in the years of SASEs? Absolutely not. That's how I learned to write. But it's awfully nice not to have to go to the post office with a brown envelope every eight months.

Okay, back to writing...