Another Healing

Another Healing

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring at Last!

At last! Today it's 73, which is warmer than it's been in the last six months. When I got home from school, I got the patio organized and cleaned, brought the cushions down from the attic, unwrapped the bushes from their burlap winter coats, cut the soap out of the shrubs (which I put there in the fall to keep the deer from eating them) cleaned out my bluebird nesting boxes (I can hope I get chosen by a pair this year) and settled down in the fresh air to write. All I can hear is the brook roaring, some redwing blackbirds down by the beaver pond, and a few chickadees who aren't too happy with me because I brought my feeders in this weekend (the bears are awake now, and as much as I love the birds, I fear the bears more).

Depth of Return is hovering around 42,000 words. I say hovering because I cut a couple thousand yesterday. My plot kind of ran away on me, or rather, I was trying to force it in a direction I thought it ought to go. But my MC gave me a very stern talking to yesterday morning while I was lying in bed not wanting to get up, and so I dutifully obeyed. Now things are going the way he wants. Well, not exactly, since he's in worse trouble now than what I'd written him into, but if he wants to suffer, that's his problem. At least I've got some scenes clear in front of me now.

I'm on school vacation all next week, so I have this image of myself finishing the book. But I've got some family stuff to do and the weather is whispering to me about getting my bike out, and damn, there are a lot of limbs down on the lawn under the trees...

But getting out from under the weight of all that snow is wonderful. I hope everyone is enjoying spring as much as I finally am!

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