Another Healing

Another Healing

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First Swim (in pool)

The air temp is in the 70s. Not sure what the water temp is, but I'm pretty sure there was still ice in the water last week. We opened the pool this weekend (uncovered, brought the pump/filter system out of the cellar and attached it, added about a foot of cold well water, and dumped in tons of chemicals). Monday, I put my feet in and they turned the same color as the liner, but today I put my whole self in. Okay, I went down the ladder one gasp at a time, backed two steps away from it, dunked and swam one stroke right back to it, and swarmed up the ladder yelling school inappropriate things. But I got wet, and my bathing suit is hanging on the patio to prove it.

Feels so good (now that I'm warm and dry.) I love the tingling feeling you get afterwards. And the feeling of accomplishment.

Notice the lack of green leaves in the leaves beyond? Well, summers are short in Vermont. One has to take advantage of the sun.

Now for an evening of writing! I finished a very rough draft of Depth of Return last week. Now I'm revising it before sending it to my editor-in-chief, who will editor-in-chief it. Very excited about this one.

Anybody else been in swimming yet?

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