Another Healing

Another Healing

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Full Time Writer!

Happy Winter!

I know, it's summer, but my newest work in progress is called Winter. I'm really excited about it -- I'm about half way through the rough draft and it's heaps of fun to write. It's a paranormal stand alone, and it's about a guy who works in a sex shop and meets a guy in Montreal while he's travelling for business (checking out new product) and, well, he finds out he's part of a very old world he didn't know existed. Winter is his safe word, so infer all you want about what kind of novel this one is.

Stay tuned for more info on Cricket -- it will come out, but not for a while. It will be self published, which is a new journey I will be embarking on shortly. I also want to get my whole Notice Series available again, with a new piece about Josh and Varian's daughter learning how to fly. Imagine that! And while I'm at it, my older pieces will be released again, too...

And yes, I will have time to do all this, because I have officially quit my day job. I am following my dream and I'm now a full time writer. I have a feeling I'll be far busier than I ever was teaching, but I can't express how wonderful it feels to be me, full time, at last.

So wish me luck and stay tuned.

I've been having a wonderful and very busy summer at camp, and I'm finally gotten a lot of stuff taken care of that needed taking care of, and now I'm feeling like I'm back in business. So while the real world out there is dissolving into chaos, I'll be busy creating places of respite with my words, which we all need so badly right now.

Here's a recent sunset to bring a little light into the world.

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