Another Healing

Another Healing

Friday, December 30, 2016


Well, this is a hard year to reflect back on. Everybody knows about all the awful shit that happened and it's been well covered elsewhere, so I'm not going to get into it except to say that I hope we all survive. I've had some hard stuff to deal with personally, including a knee and a back injury. A few weeks ago, a student was found with a loaded gun in my school. My first publisher, Torquere, is going down, and I have two YA novels caught in the death throes. All Romance Ebooks is going down, too, and it's unlikely they will pay for my books they sold in the last quarter. I feel like my world has been shaken in some very fundamental ways by these breaches of trust.

But it hasn't been all bad. My family is healthy and thriving. My friends all still like me. (I hope.) My students keep coming back to me for help and we laugh every day. I've gotten some new birds on my life list and I've taken some photos I'm proud of.

I had a wonderful summer at camp with long days spent writing and kayaking and swimming and dozing in the sun. I watched spectacular sunsets and thunderstorms, and fell asleep every night to the sound of waves. With the lake levels at record lows, I was able to see into the backs of some underwater caves I always knew were there, but never dared explore. I soared with peregrine falcons and dove with loons. And I ate lots of good food off the grill.

Now we're back in our winter abode, which is toasty warm with snow falling outside and lots of birds at my feeders and the tallest mountain in Vermont just outside my window, and sunrises and northern lights and stars. I know how lucky I am to live in two such places, and I draw strength from the beauty around me to help heal the wounds that the outer world inflicts.

I had a novel, Depth of Return, released in September, and I'm really proud of it. I just finished a draft of the sequel, Cricket, and I hope to submit it soon. I have another novel tumbling around in my head that I'm really excited to start working on next.

Thank you all for following me here, on Facebook and Twitter and, of course, for reading my books. I'm usually around if anyone wants to chat, and let's hope for the best next year.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Jade Necklace

People who have already read Depth of Return will know exactly why I am posting a photo of a jade necklace.

So here's some trivia about the novel that didn't make it into my blog tour. Originally, the dog in the book was trapped in another object. My editor at DSP suggested I change the object, and since I'd already named the dog Jade, we decided that a jade necklace would be appropriate. (Yes, I came up with the name first and then the object, whereas the characters had the object first and named the dog after it. One of those weird things that made writer's heads explode sometimes.)

The problem was that I didn't own any jade. I looked at lot of jade on the internet, but I really needed to see a piece to describe it. So that meant a research trip to a jewelry store. I knew of a perfect one in downtown Burlington that specializes in imported jewelry. I may or may not have bought a lot of presents for myself and others there over the years. Suffice it to say, when my husband and I came in, the owner headed right over with a big smile.

I browsed around a little while my husband and the owner chatted. My husband loves to talk, and I wasn't paying any attention to what they were talking about. Until the owner calls me over with a big grin and announces to the whole shop that he has some nice demon possessed jade right here.

Of course, I was ready to kill them both. Of course, I ended up buying a jade necklace. I mean, I needed to have it to study, right? Heck, maybe it can count as a tax deduction. And yes, everyone in the store ended up knowing I was a writer and I was writing a book about a dog trapped in a...

As soon as we got on the sidewalk, I informed my husband that the dog was not in fact a demon, but a demon had trapped him in the necklace. There was a huge difference. My husband just rolled his eyes.

But I will pay him back. My next novel will have a dog trapped in a diamond necklace.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blog Tour Winding Down

Okay, the Depth of Return Blog Tour is winding down. I'm still looking for Susana, my final winner. If anybody knows her, tell me to email me at

Thanks so much to everyone who followed the tour and left great comments and made me feel warm and fuzzy. I'm always here if anyone wants to ask me anything. And thanks to everyone who bought the book, of course.

Whew. I am feeling frizzled and tired, but happy. The book is launched, the first reivews are good, and it's time to start looking ahead. Now to get Cricket polished up and subbed. I'm a bit hindered at the moment because my very old laptop crashed last week. I bought a new one this weekend and am in the middle of the laborious task of getting it set up.

But when it's ready to go, look out, because I am all inspired and ready to do it again!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Guest Blog at Love Bytes Reviews

I'm HERE at Love Byte's Reviews today, chatting about new cars and how technology can leave us behind. Pop in and be entered in the drawing for a free book from my backlist. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Guest Blog at My Fiction Nook

Today I'm at My Fiction Nook on my Depth of Return blog tour, talking about my pets. There's a dog in Depth of Return that becomes a major character, and I had such fun writing about him. Drop by HERE and tell me about your pets, or ask me anything. You'll be entered into a drawing for a free copy of your choice from my back list.


Monday, September 5, 2016

Release Day!

Depth of Return is available for sale, right HERE right now!

It's so wonderful to be type those words!



Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lovely Review of Another Healing

HERE is a lovely review of Another Healing, the first book in the Another Healing series, just in time for Depth of Return's release tomorrow. The review is from the same site that is hosting me right on my blog tour.

Thank you so much, Prism Book Alliance!